What You Invest

What You Invest

Brokerage Fees Are an Investment

Brokerage fees can get expensive, and if you are no longer able to provide your clients with the service they deserve, hanging your license with Global Referral Group, LLC is an investment. Global Referral Group makes real estate referrals easy. Instead of losing your clients, you can refer them for a fee and earn extra income.

If your brokerage can’t tell you in one sentence or less how much you’ll pay, they’re hiding something.
Our fees are transparent and an investment in your business.

Here Is the Breakdown

Fees and Dues

$ 99 .00


$50 One Time Set Up Fee

$0 License Transfer Fee

Agents pay any NWMLS membership fees
(Global Referral Group, LLC is a NWMLS member)

Commission Splits

$ 1,500 .00

Yearly Cap

75/25 before the cap

90/10 after the cap

No Transaction Fee

Referral fees are negotiated by you with the referral agent.
The cap will renew each year.

It’s that simple. Know what every bill and every check will look like, every time.